Happy Tuesday!
I don’t know about you guys but I am in positively high spirits today.The drive to work was—well how it usually is—the release of my inner Ke$ha. The weather is back to being cold and it actually snowed while I was at work (not the best shoes to wear in wet snow), but it’s not bringing me down today while I’m sporting my shiny spotted sweatshirt. I feel like I could take this sweatshirt + neon shorts, over the knee socks, and some roller blades—and I’ll be in a whole other decade!
Aaaaaand I found out I was completely wrong about the release date of Gossip Girl season 6—it doesn’t come out next Tuesday. It came out today!
Guess what this couple is doing this V-Day? Haha not getting gussied up & heading to a fancy restaurant!
xo (xo…Gossip Girl lol)

P.S. Look at what arrived in the post yesterday! My new planner!—judge all you want but there’s almost nothing better than fresh a planner or journal. So much opportunity waiting on blank pages.
Sweatshirt (on sale!) - ASOS
Jeans in turquoise (
similar) - ASOS
Bag - Forever 21
Flats (
similiar) - GAP

Planner - Etsy via Julia Kostreva

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