Remember that whole “I will dress like it’s spring to inspire the weather” thing? Well, it backfired. But little does the weather know is that I’ve been waiting for snow and cold weather all winter long. So the joke is on it—take that weather. I don’t even mind that it’s late a few months late and nearly March. The snow finally came! And it suppose to come again on Monday!

I had a snow day from work yesterday and despite the drizzling sleet/snowy conditions, I was cheery and wanted to get ready for the day—insert this fun twiggy umbrella skirt! I’ve been eyeing (and adding to wishlists) similiar ones from ASOS—but they run nearly twice the price of this Tailor and Stylist skirt. You know my dedication to ASOS, but I couldn’t wait to scoop up this bargain. I keep little notecards near my mirror in the bathroom with outfit ideas and this skirt already has one filled up! This striped skirt is definitely a keeper for any season.
Where is this get ready inspiration during the work week? Good question. I’ve been using the ponytail and a topknot as a crutch the past few weeks! Wearing hair up = more Zzz’s.

As for the coming days—bring on the snow flakes, warm winter layers, & white covered roofs & streets. Snow days from work are always appreciated ;)

Happy fist pump Friday!
H&M scarf and sweater / ASOS tee / TAILOR AND STYLIST c/o skirt / ASOS tights in burgundy & thigh high socks in gray / RUCHE boots (similiar) / MAYBELLINE lipstick in blissfully berry
Green boots worn before here.