I want to try train for a half marathon. It’s always been something in the back of my mind that seems challenging and rewarding and weirdly enjoy enjoyable. But it’s never happened. No marathon of any type has happened since I left high school track behind me. I summed it up to being something I’d never ever do. But after watching my eldest sister train and train over the summer while she was visiting in Oklahoma and achieve her goal of running a half marathon that fall—I felt a surge of envy, respect for her dedication and follow through, and butterflies in my stomach of “maybe I actually can do it”.
So here goes. I am going to try to track my journey weekly. My eating habits, my weight/how I feel about my body, the difficulty, and overall my entire training experience. 
  • I enjoy running but find it insanely difficult to will myself to do it before work (when I wake up from 530a-6a) or after work—something there will have to change
  • I haven’t broken out these bad boys [shoes] since, well, before the holidays. Not that I eat much differently differently during Thanksgiving, but Christmas and the cold months get me snacking and wanting time cuddled up on the couch
  • “are pretzels healthy?” is on my google history
  • I’m scared I can’t keep to my schedule
  • but I’m excited too
Thursday: ab workout + 2.5 mile run (time 0:29:50)
When running semi-regularly and sporadically (we’re being honest, right?) last year for weight loss or performance work-outs, the treadmill we own averages all runs to 30 minutes. So I can’t say that I’m exactly surprised my time came out just under. Am I proud? Uhm, kinda? For those work-outs my distance was around 1.5 miles, not 2.5. Which is good but at the same time, my head looked at this time and thought: do better.
I have time to do better. This is day one of a very long journey.
Friday: ab workout / rest day
Saturday: ab workout + 3 miles (time 0:46:09)
My legs are screaming at me.
Sunday: ab workout + 30 minutes of crossfit training
Foam rolling has become my best friend, seriously.

See my half marathon progress here!