I do this thing, and have been doing for like past ten years or so, where I collect stuff from the internet. Meaning that I have loads of folders and folders of just stuff that I’ve saved and continue to add to. Folders like ideas, real life, skype, moleskine, and outfits. I even have a Word document that’s filled with lines from books, quotes, and bits of lyrics I like that date before xanga and myspace days—how else do you think I come up with my awesome blog post titles? My computer is essentially Pinterest before it was invented. The idea for this outfit came from one of those folders.
It makes me curious to what other people keep on their computers. And if I’ve ever been on your computer, trust that I’ve looked.
This is one of the many reasons when I die, I hope my computer will sense my death (because by then technology will be that advanced) and wipe my hard drive before anyone can look at it. Sorry Chris and family, that hidden wonderland dies with me.   
Hat - Nasty Gal / Striped top & pants - Forever 21 / Chambray shirt - Urban Outfitters / Necklace in coral - c/o Cheerfully Charmed {similar here} / Watch - American Eagle / Bracelet - c/o Sorrelli
Shamelessly plugging my #stripesarebest tag because really, no matter what season stripes always work. It’s truth.