[ phone case - Best Buy. sweater - Gap. leopard top, jeansleopard watch, & handbag - ASOS. initial bracelet - Miss Selfridge. wedges - Ruche. ]
There is something I love about the idea of a clean slate, a new start. So I’m excited for the fresh year. (Though I still can’t believe it’s 2013!) But things are about to be switched up.
First - The blog will be getting a makeover—big time. Not only face, but content too. I’ve been taking lots of breaks due to work and recent stress but I’m ready to get back to it—but back on my own terms.
A lot of things have been stopping me this year with my blog. What can I say or not say? Do people take the time to actually read what I’m writing, or do they just look at the photos?—I’ve been doing too much over thinking because I’m afraid of what my audience wants. Which is good and bad. But I feel like it has been weighing bad because I hold back. I’m honest, at arms length. And I don’t like that. I didn’t start this blog for anyone, I did it because I like to keep my life cataloged. I love to go back and read and look and remember.
It’s time for my blog focus to shift back to the basics. So hopefully you’re up for the change!
Second - Resolutions! C’mon, it’s the beginning of 2013 and who doesn’t contemplate what they want to achieve for the year? Well, this year I’m doing things a little differently. I have one year resolution (date Chris regularly, to kiss him each time I come home, & keep our relationship my first priority) and then I want to make little monthly resolutions. January is going to be: make a schedule. You won’t ever find me without my planner, but when I say schedule I mean schedule out my free time wiser. Try to fit in some “me” time—blogging, train for a half marathon, reading, painting my nails, walks with the dogs—whatever it may be.
What are some of your resolutions? Or perhaps some hobbies or things you do to de-stress?