[ hatromper - Nasty Gal. cardigan - ASOS. socks - Urban Outfitters. wedges - Blowfish via Ruche. ]

I’ve been a horrible blogger, photo uploader (did you know I still have uploaded all my photos from Canada?! Bad, baaaad blogger), poster, emailer and many other things. But I’ve been top notch with updating my Instagram. I think I’m actually an Instagram addict. Outfits (who needs a real post when I can snap just one quick photo?), the pups, food, awkward faces, things found on the floor or around my desk—I’ll instagram it. Doesn’t matter what it is.
And did you know about the Instagram magnets?! My fridge doesn’t know what’s coming.
I could lie and say this post for just for you blog, but truthfully, the only reason I got ready today (and paid too much for a spray tan) was with the intentions of meeting up with our wedding photographer to do a couples photo shoot. Which unfortunately didn’t happen—my fault there. And I kick myself for it. The weather was warm and beautiful, so I decided to put the weather & fixed hair to good use and try to style up this oversized cardigan. Hello actual real-deal-holyfield outfit post.
Also ignore this post if I end up using this outfit for our photo shoot!…I really ended up liking how this outfit came together ;)
Awkward moment of the day: in my pajamas, eating bagels, and having Gossip Girl marathon on Netflix. Then explaining to Chris that while I may’ve made fun of the show & the girls who watched it at some point in time, I owe it to myself to watch it since it has its final season because, c’mon, I did read all the books back when I was a tween.

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