[ necklace in coral - c/o Cheerfully Charmeddress & wedges - Ruche.]
Coming back from the holidays and going back to work makes me super nostalgic. For some reason mostly about college, specifically my winters during college. Fall and winter are my favorite seasons—I love chilly hands stuffed into pockets, the cheer and glow of the holidays, the bold colors of changing leaves, even the nakedness of all the bare trees, the drab of gloomy days, the layers of clothes, and the time spent hidden away in my home. I’ve always tended to be more of a homebody, and it’s a trait that Chris and I share. But when I was in college during the winter, I cherished the random day of skipping class or rarely given university snow days. Chris would push his work aside for the day. And we’d stay home.
I’d wear his socks and long johns. He’d have messy hair. And I remember the way he’d hunch while he made us breakfast on our old stove. We’d eat on the couch since our table housed the Microwave. Little nuggets of gold light shine from the Christmas tree and reflect on the TV. Warm laps from snuggling with pups. Long lists of shows on the DVR until we gave up and would play RockBand or Little Big Planet together. Spilling hot tea and making grill cheeses. Chasing the pups in the backyard until the cold stung our lungs. Me falling asleep against Chris as he played video games.—Days spent doing nothing.
Sometimes I wish we were more of an outgoing couple and sometimes I think that we need or should to do more of what normal people our age do—whatever that is, but I genuinely like when we stay home. Especially in the winter.
This was actually meant to be of an update post of sorts which clearly didn’t happen. I’ll try to do that soon. But this outfit was from Thanksgiving & I hope you as lovely of a holiday as I did!