As I mentioned earlier this summer, my best friend is engaged & getting married! And it’s amazing.
As a child, my family moved around a lot and I found each place we moved I would find someone who I could call my best friend. And we would be inseparable until I moved again. With every three years, every move came a new friend. I learned how replaceable people could become. 
I never could say “ We've been friends since elementary school” or “ I've practically known her my whole life”.
I met Tiffany in one of the worst classes I took in college. We were put into a group project together and though we both hate group work, we instantly clicked. After recently losing close friends, I wasn't quick to hang out if it wasn't school related. It took a few years for me to completely open up to her and to be an active part of her life.
I’d been running from deep rooted friendships but as time wore on I could tell my friendship with Tiffany was long lasting. Bit by bit the things we shared broke my wall of “temporary friendships”.
  • Late night conversations in the library sharing our worries, our hopes, our pasts and our futures
  • Meeting her parents for the first time and their incredibly welcoming nature
  • The night Tiffany knocked at my door jumping around, hugging me, and showing me her engagement ring
  • When I opened a beautifully hand-made “Will be my Maid of Honor?” card
  • Helping Tiffany in and out of dozens of gorgeous wedding gowns, giggling and taking photos with my phone
  • Favoriting websites and saving photos/ideas for bridal shower & bachelorette party
There are so many memories I have with her at my side and few where she wasn't.  And even then, she was always only a cell phone call away.

 me, Kala, Tiffany's future mother-in-law, Tiffany the bride-to-be!, Tiffany's mom, Kristin

We’re growing up now and things aren't as easy meeting up in the library, but I know we’ll last.

*Photos c/o Tiffany

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