[ beanie (old) - Forever 21. cardigan - mom’s. top - H&M. shorts (old) & watch - American Eagle. flats & “a” bracelet - Miss Selfridge. bracelet - c/o Bip & Bophandbag in fawn - Theit.]

Most mornings Chris is always quick to compliment me or let me know when my outfit may look a bit odd. He always takes notice of the small things and it makes me smile. When I came out of the bathroom this morning he dubbed this outfit “frumpy-cute”. I could only laugh. But when it’s cold and the wind is freezing, I don’t mind dressing a tad frumpy.
Besides, I've been loving my beanies as of late. See here and here. It’s one of my favorite fall/winter accessories. You can dress them up or down, throw it over a bad hair day, they just work with everything…well everything except work. But trust, if I could I would totally rock a beanie to work everyday.
On a different note, the past few weeks I've been a bit..off. My anxiety has been in a bad place. I was feeling irritable and unhappy. It felt like I had no time for anything but work and obligations/priorities—I was going through the same monotonous daily motions without really participating in my own life.
After some very good talks with those close to me and a good weekend, I feel refreshed. Like I can re-approach the stressful situations with a new mindset. Sometimes we just need a good reset!