sunglasses - Old Navy. gold triangle necklace - c/o The Altered Chainpants in turquoise- ASOS. top & shoes - Forever 21. Twiggy Tote - c/o Doodlebag. ]
First: This outfit was from a few weeks ago when Chris and I were running around downtown. The weather right now + a sleeveless top = absolutely not because Alissa gets gooseflesh in a minute.
Second: The rare ponytail makes its appearance again! You haven’t seen it since February (here) but in real life, it's a regular thing when I don’t feel like getting ready. If I could perfect the “teased crown”/volume of a ponytail and or make my hair awesome like this—I’d be rocking it all the time. But let’s be real about my ~hair skillz. I end up with the sad, limp ponytails that tried too hard.
Third: Turquoise jeans worn before here. I don’t even know where my regular denim jeans are—I’ve been riding the colored jeans trend train. Don’t get sick of it, I haven’t even shown you my floral print ones yet aka working up the courage aka how to style them? 
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