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I don’t think I’ve ever counted down for a weekend as much as I did for this one. I need these two days so badly! It was a rough work week plus my sleeping is back to being spotty. Friday afternoon I couldn't wait to drive home to finally spend some time with Chris!
Friday was perfect. A date night at an Italian restaurant (my favorite!)—which lasted a good few hours. Telling stories, so much laughing, teasing, trying new foods, and affection. I forget sometimes how at home I feel with him. How I take for granted how he always likes to hold my hand across the booth while we wait for our appetizer. How my mind just settles down and my heart opens up. No matter how hard the day/week/month may have been, it’s always worth it to come home to him. 
Afterwards, we began and ended our Lord of the Rings marathon—getting ready for The Hobbit!—with lots of love from our herd of pups.
Saturday, we slept in. Cooked breakfast. The weather was overcast and chilly (aka our favorite weather) so we took the pups for a walk (Olivia’s first!). Then Chris dropped me off a few hours away so I could go to dinner, the Tulsa Fair, and Disney On Ice. Disney On Ice was ahhhmazing. As a kid, I saw Aladdin and Beauty & the Beast, so I was thrilled to see this three part show with Princess & the Frog, Cinderella, and Tangled.
One of the many best parts of the weekend: In the bathroom after the show, I was washing my hands and adjusting my Rapunzel hair crown, when the little girl beside me turned and looked up at me. Her hands held tightly together, she excitedly told me: “Oh my gosh, you’re so beautiful!!” My heart melted right there.  
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