top in lead - Zara. scarf, vest, & boots - H&M. jeans - American Eagle. bullet earrings - c/o Crave Jewelry Design ]

It’s Thursday, you know, and today is the first day of this week where I managed to do the morning right. Meaning: woke up on time—no extra snooze time, showered, (somewhat) did my hair, and got ready with an outfit in mind.
The rest of this week has gone a little haywire in the following ways:
Waking up late because I forgot to set the alarm, twice.  Getting toothpaste in my hair. Running out of my dedorant and sneaking Chris’. Finding the new (/lazy) technique of blow drying my hair while face down on my bed with my hair hanging off the side. Having to skip breakfast at home and settle with eating yogurt at work…with a fork. Randomly finding bobby pins in odd spots of my hair (where those from when I pulled my hair up last night?).
But back to me doing awesome today and how my outfit is trying to persuade the weather to lower the temperatures and realize it’s fall. It might just think I’m going camping in Montana…but I got the chance to pull out some new pieces of mine! My first ever vest, brown ankle boots, and these gold 223 winchester remington bullet earrings from Crave Jewelry Design—have you seen an edgier stud earring? They’ve been fun to pair with casual outfits as well as some girly ones!
So again…is it fall yet?