[ top in lead - Zara. scarf & ring - H&M. shorts - Hollister (old). socks - Free People. rain boots - Ruche.  above the knuckle rings - c/o Galisfly. ]
Hands down, this has to be one of the comfiest outfits I’ve ever worn. Well, next to sweatpants. Chris and I planned a getaway down to Dallas for the weekend so when the clouds started brewing & the rain began its steady pace—I broke out the rain boots (again finally!). Rain boots first worn before here
So I’ve been eyeing the trend of above the knuckle rings, liked it, but I still couldn’t hop on the wagon and try them myself. I wasn’t so sure I could pull them off. That was until I found galisfly on Etsy and she sent me a golden set & already I’m totally addicted. It’s such a understated way to layer rings!
Awkward moment of the week: Pouring rain outside, running from my car to campus so I could pick up my diploma. Begging the man at the registrar’s office for a bag or an unused trash bag (he said no, both times) so my years of hard work wouldn’t result in a soggy diploma. Instead, I ran back to my car with my diploma under both my shirts.
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