[ top - Zara. jeans - ASOS. necklace - c/o Annie Rehtote - Doodlebag. flats - local shop. ]
I’ve gotta tell you how much I love today’s outfit. Like, love love. C’mon, how perfect is this hanging touch of gold? I’ve actually been favoring necklaces with shorter chains rather than the long layering ones. Each time I wear this tiny heart around my throat Chris always compliments it; it’s his favorite necklace of mine!
This top was a nightmare to get my hands on, but totally worth it! I waited weeks and weeks for this top to come into stock at Zara. Each time my size would be back, something else (real life, bills, etc.) would pop up & push this twenty-something dollar top to the back burner. When the stars finally aligned, I immediately bought the shirt in grey and in forest green. It’s the perfect tee—soft fitting fabric and faux leather sleeves. Heaven!
And the white jeans? Please, every excuse I can get I pull these suckers on—which isn’t too often since, hello, white ruins easily when you spend you’re weekends with rowdy pups or the children of Chris’ family.