[ top (old) & neon leopard print pencil skirt - Forever 21. suedette wedge heels (similar) - New Look. perfume "love is heavenly" - Victoria's Secret. ]
Remember back in the spring? When I was still rolling out of bed—no bra, stinky breath, and sweat pants—to go college classes? When scheduling any class at 830a was an if-y idea? When classes that had attendance policies were annoying. Remember when I thought getting up at 7a was absolutely impossible?
Well, that was before I graduated and got my “big girl job”. That was before they both gave me a hard slap in the face to reality. I wake up at 530a every week day to get ready and drive an hour to work. Sleeping in until 7a? That would be heaven. Even adding an extra 30 minutes or an hour would be pure delight! But no matter how many Mondays go by, I still can’t seem to shake dreading that beeping of the alarm. 
Awkward moment of the day: realizing how difficult it is to shimmy out of pencil skirts to use the bathroom. Girls think rompers are risky busy, I say no way compared to this. They are skinny at top, wide in the middle, skinny at the bottom. They’re a circus act to get in and out of.
Short story: When I was leaving work, I had to pee. And I actually stopped in the hallway between the staircase and the bathroom, contemplating whether to go ahead and do the shimmy out of this skirt (for the 60th time) to use the bathroom or just hold it until I got home, at which time I could just completely take it off. I went with waiting and held it ‘til I got home.