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Hello Sunday, day of rest (and reset). Last week plus this weekend was so go-go-go, in a good kind of way. But I can’t tell you how AMAZING it was to sleep in & cuddle with my pups (Chris was already up making breakfast), not put on make up, and be lazybones on the couch. 
Having said that yesterday I had a serious battle before Chris and I had our meeting with our out of town photographer. Yesterday morning, if I would have to guess, I spent literally at ten minutes (if not more) on trying to get my “winged tip” eye liner to match on both eyes. I put that in quotes because sometimes it doesn’t look wing tipped at all.
Can’t I just get a life-assistant who does my makeup & hair in the mornings, makes my lunch for work, drives me places, and updates me with all the celebrity gossip? And occasionally goes as my body double to work (or meetings or parties/places I don’t want to go to)? This person also acts as a personal trainer and wedding planner. All for free. This is my formal request for applications for this position.
Blush pants worn before here.