hat - WalMart. top - Target. cardigan - UO, shorts - Old Navy. shoes in coffee - Forever 21. bag - Steve Madden. ]
Want some excuses on why my posting has been lacking? Well fine, that’s easy.  One of two things has been happening to cause this as of late:
1. 35 minutes (shower + blow drying hair + make up) & 5 minutes (photo taking) = 40 minutes. Do all that in the morning or sleep in 30 minutes & spend 10 minutes on only putting on foundation, mascara, and a bit of blush for work…give up? Option second has been pulling way, way ahead.
or, 2. I take photos like I did on Saturday and again this morning but I’ve been doing everything else (eating, reading bridal magazines, pinterest, tumblr, more eating, watching Breaking Bad & True Blood, debating on new shampoos, playing Skyrim with Chris) instead of loading the photos.
Awkward moment of the day: talking to the television during Say Yes to the Dress. I’ve got it down—providing advice & flattering silhouettes to the brides, the styles & fabric of dresses, and trash talking the nasty entourages. I think I could work at a bridal salon full time, y’all. This show has me prepared. (Thank you M for letting me thieve your Netflix password so I can marathon on command)
Awkward moment of the day #2: sweating, sweating, sweating in this insane >100° Oklahoma weather
Awkward moment of the day #3: realizing my posts are now just compiled lists
Cardigan worn before here and here.