[ top - Gap. (very old) skirt & heels - Forever 21. handbag in fawn - Theit. blue bracelet - c/o M  ]
An update of sorts:
Two days ago somehow when I was walking, my foot caught the lip of the dog water bowl. I tripped, it tipped spilling water everywhere. I fell, hard. And whimpered on the kitchen floor. Chris allowed me to act like a 9 year old while he listened to me whine about my right toe and my elbow while he cleaned up the water. Love this man. And his patience and kindness.
I rediscovered my conical wand and put some effort into styling my hair. Decided that I’m growing out my straight across bangs. Also decided to do something a little drastic to my hair next time I visit my hair stylist. “A little drastic” meaning “very drastic” to me when it comes to anything dealing with my hair.
Yesterday was the start to Melissa’s last three night sleep over before she returns to Germany. Her whole living-on-another-continent-thing is really inconvenient. Too many conversations starting with, “On Pinterest…”. DIY bracelets, hair styles, and clothes we wish we had. Mexican for dinner. Breaking Bad Season 1.
I can’t seem to shake this foul cough. I’ve even been bringing hot tea and my humidifer to work (coworkers: “Why does it smell like Vicks in here?” me: “It’s clinically helpful to everyone in this office. You said yesterday you had allergies!”). After a coughing fit yesterday, I threw up twice. I’m gross human being.
Summer doesn’t feel like summer when you work full time. Also, it’s a little weird that I won’t be going back to school in the fall. Time to be “grown up”, I guess.
Happy Thursday!…it’s nearly the weekend.