[ top - Gordman’s.  jeans - American Eagle.  flats - Zigi Girl.  handbag - Steve Madden c/o T. ]

So heres’s what’s up:
  • this outfit is from last week. (casual) friday at work. meaning jeans. and lookie there…a new background for outfit photos? meaning…
  • we are moved into our new house! our new, beautiful house. our new, beautiful house that is currently stacked full of boxes. and furniture. and millions of WalMart sacks containing cleaning supplies or tape or lightbulbs. we’re getting around to settling in—the kitchen, our bedroom, and our bathroom are the only priorities at this point. it’s been a nightmare to locate certain things. like hairspray.
  • may or may not have developed baby fever after following series of events: picked up a bottle of Merlot, White Zin, and Post Moscato courtesy of my dad and his wonderful winery. between Chris, Melissa, and myself, we each got a bottle. it was either consumed at my house and/or in the theater disguised in water bottles that we hid in my bag. success. went to see What to Expect When You’re Expecting at the theater, courtesy of my man. was the movie good or was it the wine consumed before/during that made the movie good? or because of the brief appearances of Joe Manganiello. you decide. either way, the results: two drunk girls with newly developed baby fever jabbering on and on about baby names, etc all the way home.
  • we currently have no internet. meaning no blogging. meaning i use my iphone to check my email or the weather. but i have gone through the vegas photos and hopefully i’ll have them uploaded later this week.
  • and no satellite. meaning no game of thrones. or tosh.0. or keeping up with the kardashians (don’t judge). also meaning no nba playoffs.
  • but we do have a back patio. and back patio furniture. it’s been amazing grilling out and having margaritas. or at night, sitting with my feet propped up on Chris while the dogs play and a (citronella) candle burns.
  • really, it’s all been nice and i’m feeling pretty happy.
  • (but i won’t mind if the internet/cable guy comes a few days ahead of schedule)
Flats paired up before here and here.