top & shorts - Forever 21. shoes - H&M. ring & necklace in raw sugar - c/o Sorrelli ]
Summer shorts, jewelry & a striped print top—I have to admit I’m cheating. I don’t look like this/wearing that today.
I am actually sick. Actually, this past whole week I’ve been sick. Fever, nausea, loss of appetite, pounding headaches, and fatigue fatigue fatigue. Oh yeah and sore throat which morphed into loss of voice which morphed into hideous, retching coughing fits. 
Despite me doing the following this morning: a long shower this morning, a feeble attempt at make-up, and actually fixing my hair for the first time in days—I guess I still looked real rough. Even my boss said so, but nicely, and sent me to work from home today.
So the moral of the story is I am not smiling big and posing for photos in my backyard enjoying the sun. I am hacking my lungs out, in pajamas with no bra (no shame), and doing work in my office. But I have to admit that the constant re-appliance of Vicks, cough medicine, and the pups playing make it today a little more bearable!
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