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Last week something very special arrived. It was jewels from Sorrelli, beautifully packaged and they looked even better than I had imagined. A stunning threaded crystal necklace and cluster ring showpiece for my finger.
For a night out, I wanted to keep this look as simple as possible. Avoid having too much going on and the jewelry taking the backseat to the outfit. I picked out solid color pieces then my favorite skull printed scarf from Aldo (which spent the night accessorizing my bag instead of me). I love how the jewelry stands out so much against the whites and blacks.
Jewels aside, I love the rose gold metal. The rosy metal complements almost any skin tone, plus you’ll get quality and durability similar to white or yellow gold—only with a more feminine finish.

Awkward Sweet moment of the night: Chris blending my make-up into my hairline/neck for me on the drive to dinner.