[ sweater - American Eagle. tee - Gap. shoes - H&M. nail polish - OPI ]

These have been my comfy clothes 24/7 since I got back from Vegas. For quick runs during* the week to grab take out Thai food or for trips to go down and visit with my family or for evenings spent in my new office sorting through boxes. The truth is I really just can’t get out of this shirt—it is seriously the most comfortable top I own. And its my tourist-but-not-too-touristy-shirt from Vegas…since I bought it at the Gap store there.

I have some really exciting things happening right now—some that have to wait to be posted and some that can be posted verrrrry soon! Can’t wait to share them with you guys.

Awkward moment of last week: 630a, drive to work. Wearing: white shirt. Eating: a granola bar. 730a, badge into work and realize they are chocolate smears across the bottom of my white shirt. Wore my white shirt inside out for the entire day.

*(during = durante in Spanish -> durante reminds me of Durant -> Kevin Durant -> Oklahoma City Thunder are going to their first NBA Finals!)

Also notice the unwelcomed return of the side-swept bangs. I blame my grown out roots and how my bangs now reach my nose if they’re flat. Straight across bangalangs will return shortly.