[ sweater & white top - American Eagle. pink top & chiffon skirt in coral - Forever 21.
shoes - Nine West. heart ring - Topshop. handbag in fawn - Theit*. 
I’ve been back at work this week. Back to the 530a wake up and the hour long commute. Back to breakfast and juice in the car while I’m waiting at the stoplights. Easy to say, I miss the long easy days of being on Vegas vacation.
The funny (or ironic, or ridiculous) thing is, I thought that once school was over I’d have more time. To myself, with Chris, with friends. I have read four books (already 1/3 done with #21 on my goals list) but have completely neglected working out and blogging. Spent early nights talking in bed with Chris until we both unintentionally drift off from exhaustion. Enjoyed hours passing by as I sit on the couch listening and exchanging stories with my best friend. It’s been a hard adjustment from seeing her twice a day during school to our current schedule—me working days and asleep super early while she does a summer class and works nights. 
I keep finding myself rolling the same questions in my head: when will I settle into this new rhythm? I look around and admire those around me. Dealing, making it work, owning it. I want to get there—feel in control of my life again. My answer is the new house (that we move into over the Memorial Day weekend!)
The house is closer to work (by like ten or so minutes, nothing hugely significant) and offers so much more space. Chris and I can go back to eating at a table again. This means more time together, more home cooked meals (it’s insane how alluring drive thru’s or take out is when your energy seems nonexistent), and less money spent eating out. In our house we are in now, our kitchen has so little counter space we had to fold down our table so we could have somewhere to put the microwave and an area to chop vegetables/etc. We can also move our gym from its current location, in the detached garage, into one of the spare rooms in the new house. I can’t wait to get back on the treadmill without choking on the muggy and humid heat. (Reminder to self: time to invest in new running shoes) And lastly, I want to save and buy a big, comfy, and vibrant colored reading chair to put into my office in the new house.
I’m ready to get to feeling in a routine again. The packing, unpacking, sorting, and decorating will ease a lot of the anxiety I’m sure. But I can’t wait for all the other things that this house can offer—time by myself, time with Chris, and space to finally entertain guests.
*Here are some shots of the beautiful camera bag Chris bought me for my birthday back in March. I’ve been using it like crazy because it’s so versatile. I use it whenever we go off somewhere and I plan to take photos (the inside padding protects my camera) and I use it when I go to work, taking out some of the inserts and putting in my planner and moleskine.