[ Packing list & outfit planning doodles ]

Monday morning I’m heading out to Las Vegas (along with Chris, my two sisters + one hubby) and I can’t wait to arrive.  Even though the temperatures this weekend in Oklahoma are supposed to be close to 70s°, I’m ready to feel the hot weather of Nevada with open arms.  Packing for a trip is hard enough, but deciding between what's more fun to wear or more practical for what we're doing (more than just gambling--can't be wearing a dress and heels to go zip-lining!) is challenging. Despite all the activities and pool side lounging we'll be doing, I may end up sneaking in a more formal outfit before the suitcase is all zipped up and ready to go.

Here's a look at the items that I’m bringing along with me to Las Vegas!

[ Outfit 1: Forever 21 top and belt, American Eagle bag and shorts, assorted rings and cuff ]
 [ Outfit 2: Forever 21 top and shorts & Old Navy leopard flats ]
 [ Outfit 3: Express Top, Victoria Secret bandeau swim top, Forever 21 shorts, Old Navy sunnies, Forever 21 Threaded Thong sandals ]
[ Close up of previous outfit / Outfit 4: Dress, Old Navy hat & leopard flats ] 
[ Outfit 5: American Eagle top, Forever 21 sunnies & jean shorts, Old Navy tassel sandals ]
[ Night outfit: Forever 21 top, BDG cigarette jeans, Alloy heels ]
[ Polishes I'm/will be wearing: Revlon's 932 Copper Penny, 950 Top Coat, 915 Creme Brulee ]
 [ Pool wear: Victoria Secret Bandeau Swimsuit, Forever 21 sunnies, Old Navy hat, Hollister String Bikini / top view of polishes ]
[ All the sandals being packed ]

[ Beauty Essentials: Paul Mitchell Color Care, Bath & Body Works lotion, make-up bag, Elf brushes c/o Lipstick & Stockings, MaryKay Ultimate Mascara, and Clinique base ]


  1. I never make packing list but maybe I should start, it sounds easier! have a good time :)

  2. ohmygosh... how adorable is your packing list doodles. i love it. so cute, fun, and quirky. :) have a fabulous trip, lovely!

    xx Love & Aloha
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  3. Amaaaaazinnngggg... Nice Photos Honey. I like you Blog ;) I Follow You ...if you like my Blog follow me back. Big Kisses from Germany ;****

  4. oh my goodness your clothes are amazing! Defiantly perfect for Vagas (im so jelous) hope you have a lovely time! And i love your list and doodles haha.

    Love your blog, just followed and cant wait for your next post :)

    Ruth xxxx

  5. oh my gosh, I can't believe how organized you are! good for you--I am the worst packer on the planet. I get stressed and just throw a bunch of random stuff in, only to leave myself with bizarre, thrown-together outfits on vacay. I need to take some tips from this post!

    have a great time in Vegas! Can't wait to see pictures. xoxo

  6. I honestly love every single item you plan on bringing with you. The bag in the first outfit is just stunning as well as the jewelry.

    I'm following now :)

  7. This was such an awesome post! Have fun on your trip!

    I'm a new follower :) xx

  8. So jealous -- have a great trip! xoxo

  9. Packing can be stressful and fun at the same time. It's the narrowing down of outfits that always gets me. I'll be packing for Philadelphia this weekend, so I'm right there with you! Have fun!

    House Of Jeffers

  10. Great looks! I love all your sandals and jewelry!

  11. packing is one of the things i really hate about traveling. i tend to over pack most of the time. seems like you got it all figured out. enjoy your trip!

  12. I love that you sketched your outfits. So cute! I'll have to do this for my next trip ♥Lindsay

  13. I love the look of your outfits- especially all 3 pairs of sandals, they're so pretty. I always doodle pictures of what I'm going to pack too, I think it's a way of putting off actually getting off my bum and packing...
    Hope you had a lovely time :) xxx

  14. I love these pictures!
    For whatever reason it's apparently so much fun to see what people pack for trips x)
    Great looks, you'll look beautiful as always ♥

  15. Oh all of your outfits look awesome! Hope you have a wonderful time. I am new to your blog. Glad I found it!

  16. That bathing suit is adorbz! Almost bought somehting similar with little whales on it.

  17. Love how you plan the outfits in your notebook. I do the same exact thing!


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