handbag in fawn - theit, top - mom's, sunglasses - forever 21, shorts - abercrombie & fitch, flats - gap ]

The nude flats (from this post) are out for the bright, sunny, and hothothot weather. I wore this out to my parents for the Easter weekend. I should also address here is, yet another, favorite item I thieved from my mom's closet--this striped long sleeve. Maybe I should start a tag dedicated to outfits featuring all the clothes I steal from her...

Also take a small notice at that new handbag camera bag! I'll do a proper post for all its glory--but here is the thoughtful gift Chris gave me for my birthday. It's a beautiful Theit camera bag, and I can finally carry around my camera without worrying about damaging it! It's absolutely perfect to store my camera along with everything else I toss in my bag! Love, love it. Big props to my man!

Awkward moment of the day: Realizing the soap in the bathroom you've been using for the past three weeks is actually hand sanitizer. But it explains why it was so slippery and hard to wash with.

Plugging the #stripesarebest for previous striped outfits!