[ Sweater - Forever 21, romper - Old Navy, ring - Express, moccasin boots - Forever 21 ]

It’s Monday and I’m looking at my planner & to-do list and I’m smiling. I took my last midterm today, I have no homework for the night—and can just sit on the couch all evening, catching up on shows with Chris. It’s a big smile, guys.

On Sunday, Chris and I had brunch down at my parent’s house. Waffles, bacon, and eggs. Then as it rained, we worked in the garage on a light box project made from wood. My dad and Chris are quite the carpenters!

The rain passed (come back!) and the weather nearly reached the eighties today. I can’t believe what little of a winter we had! Psh, already showing my (ghostly white) legs this early in the year…

Romper paired before here & moccasin boots paired before here.