Can you spot the little bee hovering above the flowers? You can see a close up here. Chris and I could spot these flowered trees lining main street as we took a walk and I've spotted them in some of my neighbors yards--and I just love them. I think they are so pretty. I can't believe how warm its gotten this March and how the trees and flowers are coming back to life. Makes me nervous that our summer might be worse than last year's!

I’m such a fan of this outfit and couldn’t wait to wear it to work today. Prepare for my gushing: the blazer is fitted brilliantly and has these lovely satin cuffs, the lightweight and adorable bicycle print top that has the long hem in the back, and of course, the platforms! I definitely had a swing in my step each time I had to walk down the hallway to use the bathroom or to warm up my lunch.

Can’t wait that it’s almost the weekend! Tomorrow is our last day of classes before spring break. Does anyone have big plans?