Blazer - local shop, necklace - UO, top - Forever 21, pants - BDG via UO,  heels - Alloy ]

Most days I can't say that I'm 80-100% efficient with my time. I like waste a lot of time accomplishing nothing. Like piddling around on the internet, scrolling and clicking at anything remotely interesting. Watching youtube videos and reading people's comments. Making lists, and including things I've already done so I can feel accomplished and cross them out. Recolor code my closet. Watch reality television.

Not today! I woke up at 630a and handled business: went into work early, made a lot of progress on my tasks, helped T with her house hunting, ran errands, and finished homework. Bam. I'm giving all the credit to this rhinestone bib necklace. It's my source of power. Psh, and you were wondering how I was going to wear this bad boy.

As you know I'm not a big wearing jeans fan, but hands down these are the best pair of pants I own--worn before here and here