[ Blouse - Image, top - Forever 21, pants - BDG via UO, flats - WalMart ]
These are shots from Tuesday. Since my and Chris' anniversary is so close to Valentine’s Day, we don’t usually do much celebrating of V-Day. Our romantic evening included eating $1 McChickens, sharing french fries, and a movie marathon. He knows how to please my heart (and stomach). Good man!

I spy another WalMart find! Remember my WalMart find from the summer? This little dress! Well earlier this week I was waiting on some photos to print, I stumbled upon these $14 dollar flats. Now, as you already know I am all about wearing black—and I have seven pairs of black flats. But I’m so picky about the ones I buy that the last pair of black flats I bought was three or four years ago! So I was thrilled to find these shoved onto a shelf. I love the soft imitation leather and the contrast shiny toe—aka a great find!

Moment of the day: Monday it snowed. Monday it was very cold and very windy. Monday I had to go across campus to take an exam. Literally ten yards into my journey, I tripped and fell into a snow drift. Snow/water filled the insides of my gloves. Snow/water completely drenched my pants. Only 120 yards left to go.

Awkward moment of the day: The lady administering the exam notices my wet pants and pink nose, “It cold outside?” I give a polite fake laugh. She tells me to put my backpack against the wall, I dump it and my soggy gloves on the floor against the wall. The lady then says,”Oh honey…you have grass all down your backside.” Yeah, I’m just here to take my exam please.