[ Jacket, scarf - Forever 21, top - Gap c/o Chris, sneakers - Converse, sweater leggings ]

Being indecisive with my photo format today and trying something different. Probably won’t stick with it but I like it for this post.

I can’t think of what to write. But here are two things that come to mind from this week.

1. Day three into new semester and so far it’s been a mess. Rearranging and dropping classes, buying and returning books (spent $500 on books this time), and too many appointments with my adviser.

2. Today was a blustery, very cold day. On my walk home from campus I was forced to get sprayed by not one but two sprinklers in order to reach the crosswalk. Wet face. Wet hair. Wet jacket. As you can imagine it was an awful walk the rest of the way.