[Cardigan - BDG via UO, top (old) - unsure, necklace (old), pants - American Eagle, boots - local shop]
New Years Illustration - Kelli Murray

This is what an Alissa looks like at 8:30a. Squinty and grumpy, and somewhere between a quick breakfast of homemade waffles (thanks for the left overs, mom!), a packed lunch in a WalMart sack (classy), and rushing out the door for work. Can you tell I’ve been favoring this cardigan lately? Previously worn here and here.

Well, it’s 2012. So far I’ve spent the first four days of January in Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona on a road trip with my family and Chris to cheer on the OSU Cowboys at the Fiesta Bowl. My voice is hoarse and my camera is overloaded with +400 photos.

And I’ve read two books.

And I haven’t gotten any of my textbooks or notebooks for spring term that starts Monday. And I’ve been driving myself crazy about how I plan on passing German II.

Some photos from New Years Eve