an update aka project 3 of 5

Here's a peek of one of my five projects (+an exam) I had due for finals. This project was for my fiction writing class and we had to write a story and turn it into the professor in an audio format (cd, mp3, etc.) T and I had a lot of fun (even though we didn't finish until 3a this morning) playing around with the music and adding in sounds/noises. Then we ran with the idea of making them look like legit audio cds by making our own covers and putting them in real cd cases. Haha, my case was taken from an old Papa Roach album.

Luck to everyone going through finals!


  1. Love the idea. I reminds me of my school years. love the back cover picture.
    First time here and loving your blog.
    PS: you have gorgeous hair. Post some tips PLZZZZ!

  2. That's a pretty sweet project! I like the sassiness on the back. I just finished an Editing and Publishing class and we had to write an author bio--but we were allowed to make stuff up, so I felt more important. :)


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