Thanksgiving morning Chris and I were scurrying around the house. Trying to get all three dogs clean (muddy paws and noses from playing outside) and settled, finishing the remaining laundry, packing up the car and getting ready.

I’ve been trying to time a good day for Chris and I to take our holiday/Christmas card photo for the past two weeks. But it wasn’t happening—if it wasn’t the weather, mostly dreary and rainy outside, its been impossible trying to match up our schedules. But thankfully, Thanksgiving morning before we left we were able to make a quick stop, set up the tripod and get a good one!

Now an unmarried couple sending out a holiday card may be lame, but least we haven’t slummed to posing with ours dogs and sending those out. We’re doing that next year. Haha, kidding. Maybe. Besides…they’re cute to put on the fridge. Lemme alone!

Traditionally, I always spend Thanksgiving with my parents but this year they are visiting with one of my sisters in Germany. So my other sister took reins of Thanksgiving with preparing and cooking the dinner and desserts. We even brought a plus one this year. Chris’ friend/musician sensation Casey Smalley joined us.

I failed and only took a few photos from our Thanksgiving…
 Casey’s footwear. I hate that I forgot to get a photo of him and Chris together.