stress & mess

If I’m being honest, I have been a big ball of crazy for the past two weeks. My internship + 18 hours of school is finally catching up with me. If I’m being honest, I think I have cried at least every other day for the past two weeks. From stress, from personal issues. Sometimes just out of spells of frustration and others sobbing, huddled against Chris’ chest.

And while I’m being honest, it’s hard for me to open up when/on why I’m having a rough time. But I am lucky to have a few very strong, smart people in my life who remind me to stop feeling stuck and alone and defeated.
  • I’m five weeks away from ending the hardest semester I’ve had, with the strongest GPA I’ve ever had
  • I’m five weeks + one more semester away from graduating
  • I’m in a great internship that I love that could lead to an amazing job
When I’m feeling badly it’s hard for me to focus on the understated, sweet things that are happening around me. Here’s my happy list:
  • coming home to Ossie snuggling with one of my shoes or in one of my t-shirts
  • packages in the mail
  • listening to Ellie Goulding & her cover of of this song
  • wearing boots and big heavy sweaters again (when the weather permits, Oklahoma is still going back and forth between warming up and cooling way down)
  • random study breaks where Chris surprises me with hot chocolate & the movie “crazy, stupid, love”
  • long conversations to old & far away friends
  • falling asleep in thunderstorms


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  2. I really love this post, partly because I am in the same spot as you are & it does feel better to know that I'm not the only tired, stressed, overly emotional girl blogging right now. :) But also, I love your photos and the way you have presented your life right now--I especially love the photo of the pen & crumpled up paper. The photos are really say something, and are pushed even a step further by being in black & white.
    Well done, & good luck in the next 5 weeks! you're so close! xoxo.

  3. I love this outfit, and it looks like you have perfected the cuteness that is perfectly messy hair (when I do it it just looks messy and I miss the whole cute part haha).

    As far as the other stuff goes, I know just how you feel. I was there just a little while ago while finishing school, doing my student teaching, working, and trying to be a good wife... It was SOOO hard, and believe me, crying is normal. But you are going to be so proud of yourself come graduation time. Keep on crying, it keeps you from exploding :) But most importantly, keep the people who love you close, they will do a good job of taking care of you and making sure you are taking care of yourself in this stressful time.

  4. Awww I'm sorry that it's so tough but I am sure when it's over you'll be looking back and thinking it was all worth it. {also I just stumbled by your blog}

    Anyway, your happy list sounds good and you look really pretty too :)

    Hope you feel better soon

    xx Seph


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