splurge, splurge + a side of guilt


To help ease my guilt for buying this, I must disclaimer/justify it to myself. I have only gone shopping three times this entire year. All the money I’ve earned from my internship has gone towards groceries, etc. Also, I mostly bought sale items + used a discount code (for those interested: TOPARTY) towards the purchase.

Despite having to be extra tight until my next paycheck (which comes at the end of the week), I can’t help thinking: “Omg. Omg. Can’t wait for this package to arrive!” every time I see the confirmation email/order status in my inbox. I should be embarrassed about how giddy I am about it, but no shame.

Can’t wait.


  1. Just found your blog and I LOVE it! You are beautiful! Come stop by my blog soon, I am doing a GREAT giveaway! Here is the link, http://www.lovelinds.com/2011/11/stella-and-dot-giveaway.html

    xoxo Linds

  2. oooh I'm jealous! love those badass black shoes. You deserve it, girl. :)


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