Friday night the university got news of two of our (basketball) coaches dying in a plane crash. All games were canceled but our football game away. That night, our football team got their first loss of the season.

November 18, 2011, is a day Oklahoma State will never forget. It was a day where OSU fans, players and coaches awoke to the news of tragedy and went to bed with the bitter taste of defeat.” —See article here.

All my classes, with the exception of my night class, were canceled so students could attend the memorial services of the two coaches. I feel less of a loss for the OSU family and more an ache for their individual families. One coach left behind a wife and two kids. My thoughts go out to them and to the pilots’ (a married couple, who didn’t survive) families as well.

A solemn day at OSU.
*sweatshirt is thieved from my mom, who is from Wisconsin


  1. very sad! my hubby is always watching sports/ESPN, so I caught snippets of this story. xoxo

  2. What a sad day for your school and for their families. I hope your university can pull together and do something to honor their memory.

    I love that last photo. <3

  3. My prayers go out to your university. Overall love your photos.

  4. This is horrible... and so close to the holidays. My thoughts and prayers are with those families as well.


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