Beanie - Forever 21, sweater - Chris’ from Hollister, tee - Truly Madly Deeply, sweater leggings - Gordman’s, socks - ASOS, boots - American Eagle

Two more full weeks of classes and then it’s finals week. Two weeks.

But for now it’s still the weekend/Thanksgiving break. Aside from today, I think I’ve worn the same pair of sweatpants four times in a row. Chris and I have been cuddling up, watching movies, playing Hanging with Friends (have the app? challenge me! my username is wafflekingbitch), and using up all our bowls (and some tupperware) by eating cereal.

Productivity has slowed a little but I already know everything I need to start/finish up for the next two weeks. I’ve been using this weekend to study for an exam I have tomorrow. I am so ready to get this semester over!

Awesome moment of this week #1: getting my Urban Outfitters package.

Awesome moment of this week #2: the NBA lockout is (tentatively) over! The season to starts on Christmas Day & will then play a 66 game season. Hell yeah basketball is baaaack!

What's been playing on my Pandora station:
Misery - Maroon 5, It’s Complicated - A Day to Remember, Under the Sheets - Ellie Goulding