his & hers : carry this picture for luck

Blazer - Wooden Nickel /  tights & ring - local / top, skirt, studded quilted handbag - Forever 21 / suedette wedges [similar ] - New Look

November has become the birthday month since Chris and I got together. Within the first two weeks of this month, we have my mom’s birthday, Chris’, one of my sister’s, and one of Chris’ sister’s.

My parents are leaving in a week to go visit that very birthday sister in Germany for a few weeks—gasp! including Thanksgiving! So they’ll be out of the country on Chris’ big day (he’s turning 25!) so we got to dress up & go out for an early birthday dinner and drinks. The restaurant…was incredibly nice and upscale aka pretty much the nicest place I’ve been. I felt like a little kid trying to mind my manners, eat properly, and be aware of how loud I was talking. Haha, but the food was absolutely delicious and it was a great time.

Despite the 35mph wind, I was able to get the tripod steady before we left and snap some outfit photos + some with Chris! I’m wearing my blazer (seen before here and here!) and this size-to-small skirt (seen last winter here!) with some thick tights and suedette wedges.

(Psst, look I finally got my roots touched up & my hair highlighted!)