too many lists

I feel like my life is literally wrapped around my planner. I’m a list maker and when I get stressed I’m make them only to remake them several times, a very anxious habit. I’m there right now, feeling seriously behind and it’s only Monday.

What I need to do:
-enroll! enroll! enroll! …for the last time!
-read & critique 2 nonfiction manuscripts
-read & critique 2 fiction manuscripts
-read the rest of Red Hourglass (by Gordon Grice) for nonfiction
-write 6 essays, each being 3 pages
-write philosophy paper
-go to the tag agency
-do my assignment, begin study guide for exam 3
+whatever I’m tasked with at work

What I’m looking forward to:
-T’s birthday dinner tomorrow
-Homecoming & walk-around this weekend
-Pay day
-Eventually making time for a hair appt! My hair has been going into automatic buns & ponytails because my roots have been driving me nuts.

And can I just say how appreciative I am of all you readers! It really is special to me that you guys take the time to read my posts, look through all the photos and even comment on them. Being able to share bits & pieces of my life and have them actually mean something to someone else, is one of the reasons I love blogging.



  1. your hair looks gorgeous like this x

  2. My life also revolves around lists. Instead of paying attention in class I'm too busy making a list of things to do after class! It seems like for everything I cross off my list I add three things. Does it ever end?!
    Best of luck with getting everything done this week!

  3. I love reading your blog!!! It's so simple plus you always post the cutest outfits!!!

    Good luck with your semester.


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