i like the light but hate the heat

Hat - unsure, sweater - Gordman’s, top & jeans - American Eagle, boots - local
 Camera c/o my dad: Nikon D3100

I went solo (and a bit goofy) with the camera today using the tripod and the (frustrating) timer.

Today started early, or at least was suppose to. I hit snooze a few times.  I worked from bed on some unfinished tasks for work and then seriously considered skipping classes. It was cold, gray and windy outside. And I had so much homework I wanted to do. I just wanted to stay in bed and do it but I pulled on my poof hat (to hide last night’s hair/the cowlick that rearranged my bangs) and walked to campus. I spent some time at the library, got a hot chocolate from the bakery, went to classes.

The weird thing about doing a blog that shows what I wear is it’s weird to post repeat outfits. I don’t have an unlimited amount of cash or a bottomless closet, so I wear the same outfits. Especially ones that are my favorites. This is one of those outfits.

 Same outfit, same season via 2010, webcam style with Ossie