ghost of a good thing

Poncho (from this post!) - ASOS, scarf - Forever 21, boots - Old Navy
 Camera c/o my dad: Nikon D3100

this week = midterms

What have I been doing? Well. I’ve been buying textbooks, reading textbooks, high lighting in textbooks, carrying textbooks, re-reading and memorizing textbooks.

I’ve been making lists on what do to and when to do it. I’ve been juggling studying between coursework and actual work. I’ve been sending out birthday cards (when did cards get so expensive?). I’ve been noticing my “black spot” (aka my roots growing out) becoming more and more noticeable. I’ve pulled out my tea kettle again as well as my long sleeve shirts. I’ve (okay, mostly Chris) been teaching Ossie to catch frisbees in the air. I’ve been spending too little time at home.

I’m happy with how well I’m doing in classes and loving my internship/job, but I’m tired and I’m romance starved. I’m ready to spend a solid day/night with my man.

I’m ready to catch my breath, if only for a day.