full hearts can't loose

Coat, shoes - Old Navy , sweater leggings - Gordman’s
 Camera c/o my dad: Nikon D3100

What? Alissa regularly updates her blog? Nope, not this week. Or last week. But I have legitimate excuses, guys.

1. I’m stretched thin and exhausted from school and work. Ironically, my last year at college I’ve actually been working my hardest. Definitely no senioritis here.
+I took this short course this weekend (Fri 6p-10p, Sat 8a-630p) and I’m ready to fall over and nap. But I have to edit (and then reedit) a 48pg document for work & write a paper for Monday.

2. I pretty much wore a combination of these clothes the entire week: leopard flats, leggings, two hoodies, Chris’ tee, Oktoberfest tee, and neon pink shorts. Haha, nothing quite ~blogging quality.

So aside from being grouchy and complaining—it feels like autumn in Oklahoma! I’ve put pumpkins out on our porch steps and hung our wreath. I love smelling our fall candles burning in the house. Pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, hazelnut cream. And even better I can wear this new coat! First piece I’ve ever bought in this color but I think it suits my skin tone/hair color well.

Awesome moment of the week: winning lipstick & stockings giveaway! I’m going to be hassling the postman each day until those goodies show up. She’s really put a little bit of everything into this giveaway! I can’t wait.

Awkward moment of the week: a considerably older gentleman handing me a documentary on abortion outside the library. I spent the rest of my walk home from campus trying to figure out if it was pro choice/anti-abortion.


  1. amazing look, you coat is astunning! :)

  2. That coat is divine & looks wonderful on you hun! Loving the wreath at the door too!
    All the best with your school work chicky xo


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