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 Photo: Berlin Wall, Germany 1984 - Camera c/o my dad: Nikon D3100

I’ve unintentionally started a camera collection. Over the years I’ve gotten two old polaroid cameras given to me as gifts and now my dad has handed down me his old Canon.

He got the camera back when he was a lieutenant fighter pilot in 1983. Its witnessed the birth and growth of both my sisters. It captured many airplanes and been taken from the country to country.

This camera took that last photo (above) of my dad with another pilot, being hoisted over the west side of the Berlin Wall, Germany in 1984. He has this photo sitting in his office and when I asked him about it he said, “I remember thinking that was the only place I thought graffiti was appropriate.” He then told me that the east of the wall no one was allowed to get close to it, so it was completely clean.

(On a lighter note, the camera also survived an 1988 Oktoberfest in Germany too!)


  1. i've been looking for a great camera bag! love your blog btw. following!

  2. that is such a cool camera. very, very cool. keep it forever.


  3. That's awesome! I've also started collecting cameras. Mine is my parent's old Nikon FG. I love your bag for it!

  4. such a great idea collecting cameras! :)

  5. Hello!

    Well, I'm from Germany and the wall was so.. terrible/awful/dreadful!
    The (last) Picture is so good and I love it! :)
    "God is dead".

    x Lily
    (I hope, my English is okay?)

  6. That's so so lovely. I have the same camera! x hivenn

  7. that camera and camera back are amazing! this is lovely! just stumbled across your blog. love!
    xo TJ

  8. Greetings from the Amish community of Lebanon pennsylvainia.I was just passing though and thought id say hello. Richard from Amish Stories.

  9. That last picture is amazing!!! What a beautiful camera!

  10. Wow! Love this post! Makes me feel a bit nostalgic! That photo of your dad is so completely awesome!


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