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The past two weeks, I’ve been reading a lot of writing. I’ve been thinking about writing. I’ve been going back to old writing, like that big pink chunk of a journal and that slim silver one. I’ve been going back to favorite inspirations, like Amelia Gray’s AM/PM.

And slowly, I’ve been getting back to my own writing. I’ve been doing less journaling, less blogging, and focusing more on strengthening my manuscripts for school.

This semester I want to write something meaningful to me rather than just fulfilling the assignment’s requirements. Something fresh, something vulnerable.

(It’s harder than it sounds.)


  1. that sounds like an awesome goal. i should really start focusing on my art, or my poetry... good luck with it. hope we get to read part of your assignments (the ones meaningful to you).

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  2. I know what you mean! it's hard to write pieces that you really like while trying to stay within the parameters of an assignment. Definitely feel you on that, good luck!

  3. It's very difficult to write fresh when you're trying to think of it as fresh. But vulnerable...the trick to that is to scare or embarrass yourself.

  4. How wonderful to be inspired to write something meaningful! Hope you'll share!

  5. Sounds like a good idea! Sometimes it's so hard to just settle to writing something that will get you a good grade and not actually write something that means something and goes that little bit further.

  6. I like your doodles :) I always admire people that do cute drawings! Cute blog!

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  7. Aw this is such a nice post. Such a cute moleskine!


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