the next act

Striped vest - Charlotte Russe navy vest - Forever 21, romper - Old Navy,hat - WalMart, bracelets - assorted over years, boots - Gordman’s
 Camera c/o my dad: Nikon D3100

Things I’ve done lately: woke up late but managed to get to class in time rocking the greasy hair and sweat pants (so hot!), spent every night in the library with the exception of last night, eaten lots of frozen pizzas, went with friends to watch Lion King & remembered every song in it, submitted a “3 minute fiction” story to npr.

Oh yeah, I also hurried into a library bathroom and waited five minutes so I could pee in peace before I realized I was in a men’s room. The middle stall with no door, the penis drawn on my stall door, and the smell should’ve tipped me off but no, it was the urinals on the way out.

Things I’m going to do this weekend: spend two more nights at the library. I’m looking forward to next week when things slow down again.


  1. I adore your hat and romper, a perfect look for hot weather :)

  2. Love your boots! They are fabulous!

    Thanks for sending me those coding tutorials! Very helpful! :)

  3. what a great blog with beautiful pictures! i love your hair :)

    love, lola

  4. aww lol. sorry you went into the guy's bathroom, it was kind of funny to read though. xD it's happened to me before too. hope you have a less stressful week this week. awesome outfit btw, and cute hat. <3

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  5. You look so effortlessly beautiful ♥

    Hot? Oh my do I envy you, it's getting way to cold here in Norway x) and winter hasn't even started yet.

  6. Such a cute look, I especially love the boots and hat! And I'm LOLing a lot at your bathroom incident hahahhahahah, it kills me!


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