hello, goodbye

Earrings - Free People, tank, sandals - Forever 21, jeans, hoodie - American Eagle 
Camera c/o my dad: Nikon D3100

Not much of a fashion/outfit post today, huh?

Here's why:
  • I’m a bum. Woke up at 6a, tied up hair, & a quick shower
  • is the day of my final exam
  • is the last day of my global islam class aka no more six hour long classes! Meaning I’ll have 3hr credit & an A under my belt for the fall semester fist pump!
  • 104° weather and I’m wearing jeans & a hoodie because the classroom we’re in is FREEZING. Making walking to campus = a heat stroke
  • Speaking of jeans, these were my first pair of skinny jeans. From 2005. As you can tell, they're pretty worn out.
Now, I have two days (+a weekend) before the official fall term starts up to relax!
& after a week of being at my parent’s, the trees & damage to our house has finally been cleared away. So we’re moving back into our house today! Mom & dad’s a/c…I’ll miss you dearly. We may just have to invest in window unit already.


  1. I'm not sure if it's that my knees are spikey, but my jeans have never lasted that long.

  2. Whoa you guys start quick! I just got done with my last final today and we get 2 weeks. How many more semesters do you have left? Your hair look so cute!!!
    about a/c in classes. I understand! our a/c at work is showing 62 degrees so i always bring a cardigan or try to wear leggings! They told us to bring the bring up the temperature by 5 degrees but they are doing the inverse.

    on the jeans. I finally wore a pair of jeans I bought back in 2006. They are about to be done for another year but they are too comfy.

  3. Things will get better, just be patient. Hope it went well, your exam.


  4. You still look chic in such a simple outfit! Great blog :)


  5. I can't wait to get back to college in the fall!
    loveee the 'bum' hairstyle haha! how do you get it to stay up?



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