little dears,

dear sweet tea,
goodbye. officially giving you up for lemonade.

dear pandora,
thanks for the introduction this song. drown by carolina liar. i like it a lot.

dear uterus,
your period cramps are insanely severe this month. calm it down.

dear fan,
i’m sitting with a heating pad slung across my belly (due to said cramps) in a house with broken a/c when it’s over 100° outside. and you’re the only thing saving me from a heat stroke. this feels like a bad idea.

dear ossie,
why? (and i’m embarrassed to admit that i blubbered up about this)

dear blog,
me right now. i’m grumpy. and this list is going down hill.


  1. Even though you're life sucks at the moment, you'll be making that lemonade soon! Love dad


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