finder's keepers

Hat - Walmart, top - Free People, shorts & bracelet - Forever 21, flats (seen before here!) - Zigi Girl
Camera c/o my dad: Nikon D3100

I’m cheating. I wore this the outfit other day, not today. I’m currently in my parent’s kitchen (reason why in a second) in my pajamas & eating cheerios. But having said that, I love this Free People racerback (seen before here) and I wear it all the time. It’s a trapeze top which makes it perfect in my eyes. I can either tuck it in since it’s fitted at the top or let it loose because has that wide hem I love. Bottom line: it’s my go-to black top. School, a weekend away, grocery store, whatever—I’ll wear this bad boy anywhere.

So back to me eating cherrios in my parent’s kitchen. On Monday night, a wild storm did this to our house. Devastated our backyard/back end of the house with trees, tangled up the power cords meaning no power, & broke a window. We had to pack up (by packing I mean dogs, clothes, & school work but also our entire fridge/freezer). What a mess! So we’re house crashing with my parents until everything’s fixed.

But it’s hard to complain when their house actually has A/C and we get my mom’s cooking. Not bad as far as silver linings go.

+ I did want to give a big shout out to my dad for continually allowing me to snag his camera! It means a lot to me. You’re helping me keep this blog alive!


  1. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear about your house. I hope it gets cleaned up soon-- how sweet of your parents to take you in and feed you. Nothing beats home cooked meals! :o)

    And your hair has been looking all kinds of amazing lately (straight and curls). I have straight hair, too, but I love my curling iron!

  2. I look at your outfit here and continually wonder why you aren't wearing low-rise cowboy boots. Unless you're allergic to them! Or something.

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  4. Love this outfit! You look lovely :)

  5. I'm loving your cute, yet simple outfits (:

    xo Kim (

  6. love the flats!

  7. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. You are darling and so is your blog. Loving your sweet, casual style. Those flats are perfection. Following for sure:) xx


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