coming to terms

1. Morning coffee 2. A sleepy Ossie 3. My dad’s old sweaters 
4. my parent’s kitchen tree bedded with a bunch of their wine’s corks 5. blogging & school work

This is a sum of what I’ve been up to this Sunday. A sleepy start and an early (9am to be specific) morning coffee outside on the patio with Chris and my parents, followed by a breakfast of omelets & bacon.

After finishing up my country reports for class tomorrow, I blogged a bit. And then I spent some time digging around in my parent’s closet, looking for finds. Now I have two bags of clothes to take home with me! They let me snag loads of big, cozy sweaters that I can’t wait to wear. Even a few of the sweaters were bought in England and others from when they lived in Germany.

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