catch up


In case you were wondering where I’ve been recently, I’ve been nonstop at classes, library, & at the computer lab. BHere’s catch up:

i. First week of classes conquered! I have a feeling that this is going to be a good semester. Though my assigned reading this semester is already outrageous!

ii. I was sneaky and managed to get a 100% refund on my pre-session Islam textbooks because she happens to teach the same course this fall. Otherwise I would’ve had to wait to sell them back to the school at the end of the fall semester…which is always awful. Last year I spent like $450 on books & only got $6 dollars back.

iii. Remember that possible opportunity as a technical writer intern? Well, on Friday I had the interview. And that interview turned into a two hour meeting complete with tour of the office work spaces and laboratories and meeting some of the scientists there that I'll be working with. So I'm now the official technical editor (paid!) intern. Meaning I'll be reviewing and editing the scientists' proposals & such. As of now, I can't say too much about it but the job does requires me to get a government security clearance. So cool.

I left the meeting feeling my heart was too big for my body and felt so incredibly lucky that I was going to be apart of their team. Can you imagine, a little English major among all these geniuses?

iv. I forgot to mention this interview was in another town and I was anxious/nervous about the drive, so Chris sped through work in order to drive me. Also meaning he had to wait two hours in the parking lot while I was inside. Poor guy! But after the good news, he took me out to celebrate! This guy is a keeper, for sure.

v.  It’s Sunday. And laundry day. And the day I like to spend some extra time in the tub reading a magazine coursework while having a hair mask in. And my day to play catch up with blogging (and blog reading).
What’s playing on my favorite Pandora station this morning:

  “Never Going Back to OK” by the Afters, “Shine On” by Jet, “Drown” by Carolina Liar


  1. Thank you for the comment on my blog, means a lot, especially as you were the original reason i started blogging! So glad to hear about your job - congratulations! Bex X

  2. Haha great pictures! Congrats on the job. Love your blog.

  3. One week down...only probably a million more to go (that's how it feels during finals to me haha). Good luck!


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